04 July 2009

How to Have Kids with Character - Brown

Here is a great resource I just was told about and had the opportunity to thumb through the book. I was so pleased at all the ideas for how to teach your kids and sayings to help them remember things. Character building is so very important for our kids to learn, it is neglected in so many homes today. I thought I heard it was out of print but I found it on Amazon.com for a good prices.

I got my copy and really love it! Brown has it sectioned off in recommended topics to teach per month. Along with each topic there are sayings, Bible verses and examples of ways we can reinforce good character in our kids. We are on month number 1 - Perseverance. One of the examples is with eating. Her suggestion, only give your child a small amount of food, that you are sure they can finish, then enforce that they eat it all. When they accomplish their task tell them they have finished what they started. If they want more, do the same thing. This book is just full of practical ways to help children understand what character is and how important it is to gain it.

After buying it and now going through it, I highly recommend this book!