01 July 2009

The Princess and the Kiss - Bishop

Every girl is given a special gift when she is born, the gift of purity. In this sweet story a princess is born and when she reaches an appropriate age her parents give her the gift of her first kiss. It is hers to keep, hers to do with as she will but she is warned, once it is gone, it is gone so use it wisely.
The princess guards her gift carefully as suitors start to appear. They offer her wealth and strength but she realizes they are not the ones she wishes to use her precious gift on. She chooses to keep her gift despite the hard waiting. One day a hard working man in the kingdom comes and shows respect to her parents, shows respect to her and then offers her a very special gift, his first kiss. They are married and at the wedding the two exchange their special gifts. When their child is born they are able to present to her this special gift as well.

This book is so better written than how I just reviewed it. Bishop is such a good writer! I would highly recommend this book to all parents of boys and girls because it is such an important lesson that most parents leave out or leave it up to their children. The challenge of guarding ones purity is almost a lost cause in our world. I am thankful to say I was able to present this special gift to my husband and he to me on our wedding day. The reason for our success? The Lord's mercy and parents on both side that fought the fight for pure children and stressed the importance of it.