28 July 2009

The Tale of Despereaux review

The Tale of Despereaux is all about courage, bravery and honor. We begin with a stereotype of rats and mice and we find two characters who clearly don't fit in.
We meet the rat, who is a sailor, coming to see the incredible land of soup, after an unfortunate accident the land is plunged into much darkness and sadness. Rats are banished and soup is outlawed.
We meet the mouse, who is not afraid of anything, he sees the need for a hero and it becomes his quest to bring soup and happiness back to the land.
There are 4 main characters in the story, that I first thought would be very confusing but I quickly saw how their stories were one. The movie is a wonderful story and has a message of forgiveness at the end, a message that is many times overlooked.

My critique is that there are two swear words in the movie! Rated G and they have to slap a swear word and one that desecrates the name of God Almighty. This is a children's movie for goodness sake!
Other than the swear words it is a movie I would highly recommend it.