17 September 2009

The Princess and the Three Knights - Karen Kingsbury

Karen Kingsbury does a wonderful job in this book illustrating true love. The king is in search for a husband for his beautiful daughter, the whole kingdom adores her beauty that is shown from without but all know it is really within. The king poses a series of tests of the knights of the kingdom to participate in, loyalty, bravery are all parts and in the end, 3 knights remain. The king is suspicious of 2 and unsure of the 3rd. The last test is to pretend you are on a ride with the princess, see how close you and your horse can take her to the edge of the great cliff...only one proves his love as he promises never to even put her in that situation.

This is a great princess book, I plan to get it for my daughter. I consider this book a quality princess book, not filling my daughter's head with, trust in her heart - which the Bible tells us, 'the heart is deceitfully wicked, who can know it'. This book definitely shows where true beauty comes from and what true love really is.

The illustrator has also done a splendid job, each page is just beautiful and tastefully fitted to the story.


MamaAngie said...

I agree! :-) This is a beautiful book and a great alternative to so many of the vain Disney Princess stories. I plan on giving this to one of my daughters for Christmas.

vanessa said...

I'll have to check this one out--we are always looking for good princess books.