27 October 2009

I spy A to Z - A Book of Picture Riddles

My mom just bought this book for our son's number 2 birthday, Happy Birthday buddy! I have flipped through these books before, tried to win one on a bloggy giveaway before but never bought one of these in this I Spy series. There is so much to see in these books and the riddles are just the start. This one is meant for beginners so in every riddle there are pictures of what they are to find. I was surprised, my now 2 year old son was sitting down and finding small to big things on the pages, he loved it! They have a whole list of different I Spy books on the back of this one, we will be looking into more. :)

Go here to http://www.scholastic.com/ispy/ check out their online I Spy fun activities and suggestions. I was really excited after looking under the MAKE button. :) They give suggestions on how you can make your own I Spy pages online and at home!