07 April 2010

Fancy Nancy

I was a little apprehensive about Fancy Nancy since I heard about her about the same time I heard about Gigi the little princess - which I didn't like. Alas I was judgemental on a book I hadn't reviewed. I met a new friend recently who had these two books and I asked her what she thought. She loved them and let me look and read these while I was there.
For those who don't know, Fancy Nancy is a sweet girl who loves big words and likes to explain big words too but in a cool and fancy way. Each book I got to review was laided out a little differently but they have neat illustrations, Nancy exhibits respectable character throughout the books and fun humor. These books are very clean and I am going to start looking for more Fancy Nancy books for my daughter.


MamaAngie said...

RaeRae and Ally LOVE Fancy Nancy! We got two books (Fancy Nancy, and Fancy Nancy and the Posh Puppy) from the library. They are so much fun! And I love all the new words that the stories introduce.