27 April 2010

God's Wisdom for Little Girls - Elizabeth George

Guest post by my good friend Miranda:

God's Wisdom For Little Girls
Elizabeth George

God's Wisdom For Little Girls explains Proverbs 31 in understandable character qualities for girls. Each page begins with "God's Little Girl is..." and lists a character quality and a short rhyme about that quality, along with the corresponding verse in Proverbs 31. For instance "God's Little Girl is Caring." explains the verse Proverbs 31:20 -- "She welcomes the poor. She helps the needy." The only caveat I have is that a few of the qualities aren't the best match for the verse listed (e.g. "artistic: is paired with verse 24, but I don't believe that's really a character issue so much as a matter of personality.)

I love that this book applies Proverbs 31 to young girls, instead of just keeping it for those of us who are already married (as the Proverb generally refers to the woman with a wife and family.) In the larger scope of things, it teaches that all of the Bible applies to all of us. Specifically, the book helps distill the verses into simple concepts that young children can understand, and should be learning anyway. I would like my daughter to learn this Proverb when she is young, and this book seems like it will be a wonderful help in explaining and applying these verses directly to her life.

Note from LeAnna:
After reading my friend's review I am so excited to get this book and read it with my daughter. Hey, I can read it with my son too in helping him to develop a taste for a godly woman to look for when he grows up.