07 April 2010

In the Rain with Baby Duck - Amy Hest

Baby duck is on his way to see family but oh...it is raining and he does not like getting wet. His mommy and daddy are unsympathetic as they waddle through the rain - ducks are supposed to like rain after all. When little duck gets inside their destination his grandpa sees his sad face and promptly takes him to the attic where he gives baby duck his mommy's old rain gear. As his mommy starts to speak, grandpa duck reminds her that she too was once opposed to the rain.

A fun book to read but it was a good reminder to me to make sure I am putting myself into my kids shoes and remembering how simply I saw the world, how somethings were scary or funny or sad. The illustrations are so very cute too as you especially watch the grown ups faces and their responses to baby duck's new gear.