07 April 2010

The Old Ladies Who Liked Cats - Carol Greene

These old ladies liked cats and they knew their cats had purpose. Without their cats, the mice would eat the honeycombs and the bees would stop making honey from the sweet clover and the cows milk would turn sour from the unhealthy clover and the soldiers would grow weak from not getting good milk and then...there could be trouble.
One night, the mayor was our walking and tripped on one of their cats. In his pride he bans cats from being out at night - that's when the trouble began. As the system broke down the soldiers in the end became weak and one night, bad men took over the land. What was to be done? The ladies took charge and had the mayor change the law and soon the soldiers were getting good milk because the clover was thick and healthy because the mice weren't eating the bees honeycomb because the cats had chased them all away. The heros were made when the bad men are run off but the true heros were seen as the Old Ladies Who Liked Cats.