26 February 2011

Rude Giants by Audrey Wood

Rude Giants by Audrey Wood was read to us at a library reading time and I wanted to share it with you.

Beatrix, the butter maid and Gerta her cow live a very happy and peaceful life. Exchanging their best to make the other happy. One day two rude giants move into the nearby castle and begin causing havoc on the town. Life must go on but one day they decided Gerta looks good enough for a meal and they steal her. Beatrix hangs onto a shoe and follows her beloved cow to the table of the giants where she begins to beg for the cows life. The giants rudeness is undetered so she comes up with a plan - to teach them manners, promising the cow would taste better with those. After she has them clean their messy castle, learn to say please and thank you and make themselves beautiful they cannot in right conscience eat her cow. What are two hungry giants to do? Beatrix has the village people come and each person bring a pot to share - everyone eats their fill and the giants have made many new friends.
When the giants have a son who is illmannered and misbehaving, who do they send him to but the finest manner teachers in the land, Beatrix the butter maid and Gerta her cow.
Neat story reinforcing the importance of manners and that stealing is wrong. I was glad to have my kids hear the story, since it includes picking up after themselves is good manners. The giants appearance was certainly a little crazy but overall a good read.