10 February 2011

Souperchicken by Mary Jane & Herm Auch

Have an Eggstraspecial time reading this book called Souperchicken. Henrietta the chicken learned to read and loves to read. In fact she spends so much time reading that she doesn't lay any eggs. Her aunties think she is foolish for her reading past time but when a chicken noodle soup company comes to make them into soup Henrietta's reading ability comes in very valuable. She saves pigs and cows and her aunties all from becoming meals and they find a delightful home with a vegetarian at the end.
I am not a vegetarian by any means nor am I endorsing this dietary type (nor am I saying it is not a good diet if done with balance) but this book is just hilarious and I love how it shows the importance for reading. The humor in the book made my husband and I laugh as we read the book - although its corniness went right over the kid's heads. When the men are loading the hens on the truck there is a lot of it: I hope she "rices to the occation", and telling the chickens to "simmer down".
I would recommend this book because it teaches, in a humorous way, the importance of learning to read and gives the message that there are benefits to reading. The illustrations are really fun and as I said already, parents especially will get a good laugh as you spend time with your kids.