03 February 2011

Stella, Unleashed - Notes From The Doghouse - Linda Ashman

Linda Ashman has written an incredible book here, Stella, Unleashed - Notes From The Doghouse. The way she captures the things we love and dislike about dogs in reverse - from a dog's perspective of what they love and dislike. Stella, a pound puppy who finally finds her family, gets the perfect name, meets all the personalities of her new family and has lots of activities in life. All are captured perfectly in poem format, great rhyming and rhythm and absolutely hilarious.

The whole book flows so well with the poetry and the illustrations add perfectly to what this dog thinks about her humans. Here is a short clip

"You placed the steak on the table's edge,
then walked out of the room.
There's no one here except for me.
What else would I assume?"