03 March 2011

Heaven Is Having You by Giles Andreae

I think...I think, I know what this author is trying to communicate but really, comparing having a child to heaven? He has no concept of what Heaven really is. It is sad. The author tries to answer this little bears question when the bear says 'he is heaven to have'.
"It is not all that easy to tell you, Because heaven is so many things." and then the author continues to explain heaven as all the things around us in this world. "Chasing you around the garden...shriek with delight." This is so far off from what the Bible says, I stopped reading the book to my kids and had to tell them, "I am sorry, I will not read any more of this book to you because it does not line up with what the Bible tells us about Heaven."
I like fanciful thinking, cute sentiments and imagination but this book crosses the line to theological error and I give it a very poor review.
I do think however that the illustrator should find a different author to join with because the bears in this are absolutely adorable and with a different story line would make a wonderful book for families to share with their children.


Sarah said...

I agree! My dear grandmother gave this to my son a couple of years ago for Christmas. It made me really sad! I know she was just trying to say that she loves him and that it brings such joy to her life when her little great grandchildren get to come visit, but, oh my! I know she really has to be slipping to miss the bad message in this one!