03 March 2011

How the Cat Swallowed Thunder by Lloyd Alexander

Cat has never purred and is a very naughty, always into something bad but Mother Holly must go out and get some errands done. Cat is given strick orders of the things he is to get done and Mother Holly leaves. Sneaky Cat decides not to do as he is told and ends up making a mess. Frantic to clean up his mess he ends up doing all the chores Mother Holly required of him fearful of her last warning to him that worse will come to him if he did not get those things done.

At last the house is clean and Mother Holly is walking in to inspect. Cat sees one last piece of thunder making corn on the ground and puts it in his mouth, eventually swallowing it. As the story goes, this is how cats get their purr.

Interesting story plot, I have never heard anyone try to explain a cat's purr to me before. I am not sure though that it has the plot to become a classic. Overall an ok book but I would never buy it or check it out from a library again.