03 March 2011

A Special Day for Mommy by dan Andreasen

Cute illustrations this little piggy is setting out to make a special day for her mommy. All heart has to be appreciated here. Cereal is served as breakfast in bed but milk covers the floor, she makes a card, but glue is dripping everywhere. Pulled daffodils, toilet paper for a bow and jelly all over - this mother has a busy day cleaning up after her little ones efforts to make her day special.

As I was reading this book my almost 5 year old's remark was, 'but mommy, she is spilling things everywhere and making work for her mommy'... I had to agree, sometimes there must be some training involved with heart.

This is a cute book, sweet pictures and wonderful concept but I think rather misleading. Maybe this should be a book to be read to moms thanking them for all they do. I think it borders on the line of giving kids the idea that they can make a mess and get away with it. Maybe I am being to critical but I don't care for books that teach a concept without character. What would have been so hard with making the little piggy walk slowly to the bed or cleaning up her mess? Did the glue have to pour onto the floor - couldn't the pig have seen that and cleaned it up?

Overall it is an ok book but not one I would spend money on.