15 March 2011

Tea for Ruby by Sarah Ferguson The Duchess of York

Ruby has received an invitation from the Queen to have tea with her but oh she has much to work on before she can go. She must practice her manners, make sure she looks nice, walks nice, talks nice...when she goes to have tea with the queen.
When the day finally comes she is dropped off at the address, only to find out the "queen" is really grandma. They have a lovely tea party.
It is an ok book, illustrations are done by same illustrator that does Fancy Nancy. I wasn't totally sure of her point in writing this book. Obviously Ruby has a lot to work on to become proper but the book doesn't really show her working on it, just how much she has failed in these areas. Maybe a book with a little more guidence on how to get ready for her royal visit might have been a bit better. My almost 5 year old daughter though loved all the illustrations but she also loves Fancy Nancy - so whimsical and girlish - bling and all. :)