26 May 2011

Miss malarkey Leaves No Reader Behind by Finchler & O'Malley

The benefits of reading and opening a child's mind to the written page are endless because as a child reads their play, imagination and intellect can grow endlessly. Granted we should be careful what we let our children read but reading is so valuable.

In this book this teacher is on a mission, to find a book that each student with love! Oh, the end goal is to read over 1,000 books as a school and send the principle to sleep on the roof with purple hair. Pretty good incentive I guess. :) One book after another is placed before each of her students but one boy is not impressed. Entertainment to him is video games, and no book can draw him in. Not giving up the teacher keeps learning more and more about him and finally the night before the deadline she finds a book and he likes it enough to read it.

I am glad for this teacher's persistence but as a parent I have to wonder about this boy's parents that they let him play these mindless games so much that he has never found a book at his age he really likes. Come on! Currently my daughter is head over heels in love with any book that has princesses, fairies and sparkles - not my fave but I still read them with enthusiasm, my son loves tractors, cars, stories with adventure!

I like the emphasis on this book and getting kids to read but it is not a book I would ever read again because it saddens me so much. I hope this book with challenge every parents to turn off the tube and help their child find a book to dig into this summer!