26 May 2011

Summer Suggestions: Audio Books

Dear Readers,

As summer approaches quickly - yes, despite the cooler temps and horrible storms your children are finishing up school in the next few weeks and are going to have so much time on their hands! I hope you as a family will get to "get away" even if it is a simple vacation of tent camping and roughing it a bit. The weeks my family took off are some of the most blessed memories I have from my childhood.

As I am constantly looking for new books to review I am also told of some books and also of resources, a few resources I would like to direct your attention to. Under Book Resources I have added a few links to some sites with children's audio books. These are sites either I have used or trusted friends have used. I know there are many computer savy kids out there and I-pods and Kindle readers are coming more readily available to the world. Audio books are a great way for children who struggle with reading, who cannot read yet or just enjoy some listening time to enjoy some classic or fun literature. Interesting idea: my friend allows her girls, 5 1/2 and 4 to listen to audio books during a rest period at their house.

  1. Audible.com has a huge library of audio books and a whole section of children's literature. I do not recommend every title so you as the parent will have to use discretion but they do have a huge selection.
  2. Christian Audio.com is just that a source of Christian literature for all ages, including children. They do range from liberal Christian theology to conservative so once again, use discretion. If you sign up for their e-mails though, once a month they will send you a free audio book offer (I don't get junk mail from them either). I was able to download Pilgrim's Progress and a few other books from them for free!
  3. Blue Behemoth.com has a smaller selection but they sell more conservative Christian audio books than the above mentioned site. My friend Angela has told me also that sometimes they have free audio book sections of the Jonathan Park adventure series so that is something to check into.

Audio books many times are very reasonable in price and they are easy to access once they are downloaded to your computer. Libraries are still open during the summer so they are still a great resource (some libraries also have audio books you can borrow!) but if your child likes the world of technology, try an audio book this summer.