14 April 2012

E-Books and Audio Book Suggestions

As we enter more and more of a digital age ebooks and audio books are definitely coming on strong.  My kids and I love listening to audio books in the car and with e-readers coming down in price many have invested also in e-books as well.  Here are a few links to either e-books or audio books below:

Bookworms Abode
Kids World Fun
Fiction.us - Children Young
Fiction.us - General & Longer Stories

Audio Books:
Books Should Be Free
Light Up Your Brain

I do not endorse all the books found on these sites, I encourage you to use discernment in choosing your child's literature.  However, that stated there were some books I saw that would be ones I would choose.  There are lots more sites out there, some are better than others, these are just a few to start with.