16 April 2012

The Fox in the Dark by Alison Green

A little rabbit flees in fright and reaches his home just in time, safe from "the fox in the dark."

But who could be knocking on his door? The fox in the dark? No, it is only a parade of frightened friends: duck, then mouse, then lamb hoping to escape from the fox in the dark.

Eventually, the fox does show up, but as Duck says, "He looks a bit small to me!" Turns out, the fox was only looking for his mother, lost in the dark!

We LOVE this book! To be quite honest, I'm not sure why exactly Munchkin loves it, but he asks for it to be read often, so I know he does. I love it because everything is just so stinkin' cute! A baby fox? Unquestionably cute.

But more importantly: The story is well written rhyming verse, with each stanza ending in a variation on "the fox in the dark." Each of rabbit's friends brings his own spark of humor to the story. In each picture of the different animals outside, we found a silhouette of the fox hidden in the background, which made for a fun little game of seek-and-find.

And finally, the story ends on such a sweet note. Foxes of course are generally portrayed as sly, hungry creatures who would indeed scarf down a rabbit and his friends without a sliver of remorse. So it was a sweet and refreshing change to find these cute foxes innocent and loving. The book ends with all the previously frightened little animals and the baby fox curled up with the mama fox as a pillow.

The Fox in the Dark quite likely will end up as a permanent part of our children's library someday.