12 April 2012

The King's Stilts by Dr. Seuss

The King works diligently and hard all day long till his royal work is completed, and then finds his fun in racing around his court on brilliant red stilts! When Lord Droon, a court official who frowns upon smiling, steals the king's stilts, the king's lack of fun puts the whole kingdom in danger. However his loyal page boy Eric realizes that the king's stilts must be returned before it is too late for the kingdom.

The King's Stilts probably ranks as one of my son's favorite books. Unfortunately it is a lesser known Seuss book- as I sat at a table of mom's who all proclaimed Dr. Seuss as their favorite children's author, no one had even heard of it!

The story is certainly one of Dr. Seuss's longer works, but as always it flows poetically (though not rhyming) and is a fun and entertaining story to both children and adults. Seuss uses a higher level of vocabulary here which I so appreciate. Even though my son cannot read it for himself yet, he is being exposed to a wonderful vocabulary that is not "dumbed down" just because this is a children's book. Though I suppose you could wrestle a moral out of the story about needing time off work to play, I think that moral would be somewhat missed by the target audience. My son loves this book simply because it is a fun, engaging story! I love it because it is a fun, engaging story AND because The King's Stilts is a stellar example of a well-written, beautifully illustrated children's story.



LeAnna said...

I agree! I ordered this book and we love it! Thanks for sharing Mir!