14 April 2012

Mr. Pine's Mixed-Up Signs by Leonard Kessler

Mr. Pine prides himself in his hard work as a sign maker, the town he lives in loves his work too.  When after many years his signs are faded and need to be redone, the town turns to Mr. Pine to get the job done.  He tediously paints the signs and sets them out to dry for the night.  In the morning he is to put up all these new signs but where are his glasses?  He looks high and low but cannot find them.  Finally he decides he must put the signs up without his much needed glasses.  Oh the mix up that follows: Barber shops that read gas, pet shops that read candy, street signs that point in circles and stop signs next to go signs.  The town is all mixed up.  Finally Mr. Pine finds his glasses, which humorously the dog took, and realizes his mistake and fixes those signs locations. 

My kids and I loved this book!  They wanted to read it again and again...alas, then I had to make dinner... :)  Mr. Pine shows hard work, he takes responsibility in his work and then when he makes a mistake, he makes things right again.  Love this book!


myrrhbeth said...

Oh, it looks cute. Not in our library system though- I checked :-(