30 May 2012

Samuel Learns to Yell & Tell by Debi Pearl

Samuel Learns to Yell & Tell was recommended to me by a lady at a church I visited.  In this day and age in which we are raising our kids teaching them to protect themselves against sexual predators is very important.  I love how Debi Pearl writes this with such discretion and yet gets the point across.  In this book this mother not only is warning her son to protect himself from molestation but also from pornography and from general evil of making fun of which God has deemed private.  The pictures also are just so neat!  I love to see the excitement of the little boy as he shows his mother he is listening to her lesson and getting the point.  There are no naked pictures.

I ordered these books from Amazon, link on picture and title and just got them.  You can also purchase them HERE at Debi Pearl's website.  My husband and I both read them and agreed that they were material we could share with our kids as well as material they could understand clearly. 

Note: I do not agree with everything Debi Pearl writes, she is extreme in some areas that I think the Bible is more balanced on but this book is well written and well done.