30 May 2012

Sara Sue Learns to Yell & Tell by Debi Pearl

Sara Sue Learns to Yell & Tell is the girl version of this Yell & Tell series to help children learn to have courage to speak out against sexual predators as well as guard themselves against it.  In fun illustrations Sara Sue is teaching her little sister what she knows about this issue and she wants her sister to know the importance of yelling out against this sin.  In both books kids are encouraged to yell and not be afraid of speaking out against this sin and crime no matter how much the perpatrator encourages them not to: gifts, threats.  Kids are also told that they must speak out to protect other kids too, if they are quiet about it, how many more will have to tolerate this sinful matter.

Debi Pearl does an excellent job keeping this book moving and enticing for little ears as well as motivating them to yell and tell if they feel someone is either going to hurt them or is.  I have links to Amazon on the book cover as well as title and a link HERE to Debi Pearl's website where you can purchase them if you are interested.

Note: As stated in the review about the boy version of this book Samuel Learns to Yell & Tell, I do not agree with everything Debi Pearl writes, I believe she is too extreme in some issues that the Bible either does not state clearly or that the Bible is balanced on.