30 May 2012

Scholastic Ideas for Reading

Here are some neat ideas of how to make reading come alive to your child that I found in an old copy of an older Scholastic's magazine Parent & Child - June/July 2011 edition:

The Magic of Stories:

  •  Read "on location" - their idea is to read a story in a location that would entice your child's imagination even more.  Read the Secret Garden or any other garden book in a garden or surrounded by flowers, even silk.  How about reading Swiss Family Robinson or a pirate book on the beach.  They even suggested to read different chapters in different spots depending on what is going on.
  • Put on a play - act out a book, have a small party where each child is assigned a character in a book, they get to dress up like that character and come over to act it out.  A great summer time activity.
  • Draw pictures from each chapter they read (non picture books of course), when they are done, they have illustrations, the book will be remembered longer because another sense was used and they even could share the story to a younger sibling who might get bored otherwise with all those words. - I love this idea, storytelling is a vanishing art and this is a great idea to spur on some great tales, they even might create their own version of the story.
Also, as I perused their site, linked above, I noticed they have a log your reading minutes challenge with prizes listed as an incentive.  GO HERE to check it out.

Just had to share these tips with you as I am constantly on the lookout to keep my reading power to my kids sharp and creative. Enjoy!