22 January 2013

Beating the Winter Chills

I know, I know, it is winter...I currently am up in the chilly, well bitterly cold north in Minnesota.  Wow, got to -14 last night!  So I am trying to think warm thoughts and looking ahead to summer.  My daughter is now starting to eat up books, she loves her reading class in school and she loves after school getting to put fish on her reading pond (like a reading tree but we put the name of the book on a fish to go in her pond instead of leaves on a tree).  I digress... :)  I found this blog recently that has a neat template for a summer reading log as well as some other cute reading related ideas.  I loved her bookworms label so you can put gummy worms in a bag.  She also has a list of 50 book suggestions (I do not endorse necessarily any of them).  Thought I'd give a little glimpse of summer as we brave, at least those in the north, the cold temperatures. :)