22 February 2013

Come over to My House by Theo LeSieg (Dr. Seuss)

I just love Dr. Seuss. I know a lot of people say that, but let me tell you how much I love him:
Last month I came across a certain Wikipedia article that listed many of Dr. Seuss's works, and I discovered there a book I had never heard of, "Come Over to My House." It was written under the pen name Theo LeSieg, and as I soon discovered, is currently out of print.  I wondered why it ended up out of print so I checked the reviews on Amazon.com (perhaps not always the most reliable, but generally helpful for books at least.) Every single reviewer loved the book to death! Naturally my next step was to check our library, but our local system didn't have it, though it was available through inter-library loan. So what could I do? I bought it off e-bay.

This book is fabulous! Dr. Seuss covers such a wonderful variety of cultures from every corner of the globe. A few cultures I didn't even recognize. (LeAnna was pleasantly surprised to find that New Zealand's Maori culture and hot springs are represented.) Richard Erdoes illustrated the book and portrays each different house simply but distinctly.

Since "Come Over to My House" describes the houses and other aspects of cultures around the world, when my copy came I wondered if perhaps I would discover some clue as to why the book is now out of print. I assumed perhaps it contained some horrendous politically incorrect cultural stereotype.
But try as I might, I could not find anything about this book that could be offensive.  (Apparently it is out of print because some publisher out there is insane.) On the contrary, Seuss's underlying message tells us that wherever we go, we are all equal and may all be friends.

"Some houses are marble and some are just tin,
but they're all, all alike when a friend asks you in."


Sell Textbooks Online said...

hey this sounds like an interesting book, I will definitely check this out. I love Dr. Seuss books too. I have not bought this one yet, so thanks for sharing.