30 January 2014

Third Culture Kids Growing Up Among Worlds by David C. Pollock & Ruth E. Van Reken

3rd Culture Kids
In our huge world we are realizing how small it is as more and more families are moving to other parts of it.  Whether you are military, for work, missions or pleasure there are a lot of people it seems moving around the globe.  Our coming and going is fine for those who know it is temporary or are mentally prepared to adjust but what of our kids?  They adjust fine to the new culture probably because they are resilient but when they come "home" to visit family they have some 'odd' tendencies or 'say things weird'.  It is simply a reflection of the culture they have adapted to.  This book is one that was recommended to us to read as we will be doing just this very soon.  We are going to give a copy to both sides of grandparents in hopes they will read this and understand their grandchildren better, especially when they come to visit or when we Skype. 

Just wanted to recommend this resource to you parents.  Might even be a good resource for a missions pastor or pastor to read so they understand better the MKs as they are so affectionately called.